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Ejuaso E-commerce Website


  • Name: Ejuaso 
  • Services:Web Design


Ejuaso is a Ghanaian-based online store that deals with bulk purchases of cosmetics and skin-care products from the UK. They approached The Ejuaso Marketer to design an e-commerce website that would effectively showcase their products to their target audience.


Approach and Implementation The Ejuaso Marketer adopted a structured approach to accomplish the project goals:

a. Requirement Gathering: The team conducted in-depth discussions with Ejuaso’s stakeholders to understand their vision, target audience, and specific requirements.

b. UI/UX Design: Based on the gathered insights, the designers crafted a visually appealing and user-centric interface that aligned with Ejuaso’s brand identity. Emphasis was placed on product presentation, product categorization, and ease of use.

c. Development: The development phase involved creating a robust backend infrastructure using modern technologies and frameworks, ensuring seamless website performance and scalability.

d. Ecommerce Functionality: The team implemented core ecommerce features such as product listing, search functionality, shopping cart management, checkout process, and secure payment integration.

The Results

Results and Impact The collaboration between Ejuaso and The Ejuaso Marketer yielded significant results:

a. Increased Sales: The ecommerce website became a successful sales channel for Ejuaso, driving a substantial increase in online revenue and expanding their customer base.

b. Enhanced User Experience: The intuitive and user-friendly interface led to improved customer satisfaction, resulting in higher conversion rates and repeat purchases.

c. Improved Brand Visibility: The website’s optimization for search engines helped Ejuaso rank higher in relevant search results, attracting organic traffic and raising brand awareness.

d. Streamlined Operations: The integration of inventory and order management systems streamlined Ejuaso’s business processes, reducing manual efforts and minimizing errors.


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