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Logo Design blohum


  • Name:Blohum International Ltd.
  • Services:Logo Design, Brand Identity


Blohum International, a freight forwarding company, approached The Ejuaso Marketer with the goal of creating a unique and memorable logo that would help establish its brand identity in the highly competitive market.

Tools & Technologies

Cinema 4D, Adobe Photoshop

Design Concept

The Ejuaso Marketer team researched Blohum International’s brand values and industry to develop a design concept that accurately represents the company’s image.

The final design concept consisted of a lettering of the company name “Blohum” linked together to create a sea wave effect and feel, conveying the company’s expertise in shipping and transportation.

Design Process

The design process involved multiple rounds of conceptualization and refinement to ensure that the final design met the client’s requirements and accurately represented the company’s brand identity.

Our team worked closely with Blohum International to incorporate feedback and make any necessary changes to the design.


Final Result

The new logo has successfully established Blohum International’s brand identity and helped the company stand out in the competitive freight forwarding market. The unique and memorable design has received positive feedback from clients and has helped the company build a strong brand image.

The Ejuaso Marketer successfully delivered a high-quality logo design that accurately represents Blohum International’s brand identity. The new logo has helped the company establish a strong brand image and has received positive feedback from clients.


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