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Logo Design


  • Name:Mother Africa.
  • Services:Logo Redesign


Mother Africa Art is a business that specializes in selling African handiworks and crafts. The company wanted to refresh their brand identity and approached The Ejuaso Marketer to design a new logo that better represents their mission and values.

Tools & Technologies

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

Design Concept and Process

The design concept for the Mother Africa Art logo was inspired by the idea of showcasing the beauty and diversity of Africa, its people, and its culture. The logo features the company name in bold lettering, accompanied by a stylized map of Africa that features a silhouette of a woman in the center.

The Ejuaso Marketer worked closely with the Mother Africa Art team to understand their brand values and target audience. After conducting thorough research, they settled on the concept of incorporating an Africa map and a woman silhouette into the logo. The lettering was chosen to be bold and simple, to reflect the strength and pride of Africa.

The Result

The final logo design is a visual representation of Mother Africa Art’s mission to showcase the beauty and diversity of African culture through their products. The use of the Africa map with a woman silhouette symbolizes the empowering of African women through their crafts, while the bold lettering conveys strength and pride. The new logo is a perfect representation of Mother Africa Art’s brand values, and is an effective visual identity for the company.

The Mother Africa Art logo design project was a great success, and The Ejuaso Marketer was able to deliver a logo that perfectly captured the essence of the brand. The new logo is a strong visual representation of the company’s mission and values, and will be an effective tool for promoting their products and building brand recognition.


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