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Website Design


  • Name:Sterling Projects Group
  • Services:Web Design


The primary objective of the project was to develop and design a new website for SPG that was user-friendly, mobile-responsive and easy to navigate. The secondary objective was to increase engagement and generate more leads for SPG through the new website.


The methodology for the project involved a systematic approach that began with the discovery phase, where the Ejuaso Marketer conducted an initial consultation to identify the requirements and goals of Sterling Project Group (SPG). The design phase followed, where the Ejuaso Marketer created a mockup design of the new website based on SPG’s preferences and requirements. The development phase involved building the website, creating new content, testing the website for responsiveness, errors and user-friendliness, and optimizing it for search engines. The project was concluded with the launch phase, where the Ejuaso Marketer launched the new website after it was approved by SPG.

The Results

The new website developed and designed by The Ejuaso Marketer exceeded the expectations of SPG. The website was mobile-responsive, user-friendly, and easy to navigate, leading to an increase in engagement and leads generated. The website’s average session duration increased by 35%, and the bounce rate decreased by 20%. The website’s search engine optimization (SEO) performance also improved significantly, leading to increased visibility and traffic to the website.


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